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When your family needs to address legal issues, you will want to work with a law firm that can provide knowledgeable and dedicated legal help. At McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C., our attorneys have more than 100 combined years of legal experience. In addition to providing representation in divorce and family law cases, we can also assist with the estate planning process, help you understand your options for filing for bankruptcy, and work with you to complete real estate transactions. We will explain how the laws apply to your unique situation, and we will ensure that your rights are protected at all times. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 630-407-1200.

There's no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for Lisa and her entire team. She has been my family law attorney for over 5 years and she's absolutely amazing. Lisa takes the time to listen to my goals, and we work together to achieve them. She's kind, has great strategy insights, and is highly responsive. Would give more stars if I could. Highly recommend!!!

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If you are planning to dissolve your marriage, or if you and your spouse have already begun the divorce process, we will make sure you understand the legal issues that you will need to address, and we will help you resolve disputes effectively while protecting your rights. We can help you determine whether you can use mediation or collaborative law to reach a divorce settlement, and if necessary, we will advocate for your rights and interests during divorce litigation. We will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and ensure that you will be prepared to move on once your divorce is complete.

Cost of Divorce

Every divorce case is unique, and the costs involved in the divorce process can vary depending on the issues that will need to be addressed. During your divorce, we will fully explain your attorney's fees and other costs, including expenses related to mediation, experts who may be needed to perform business valuations or review other financial matters, or a guardian ad litem or other child custody evaluators. If you are concerned about your ability to pay the expenses involved in your divorce, we can help you understand whether you can ask that your spouse be required to contribute to your attorney fees and other costs. We can also help you determine whether you will be eligible to receive spousal maintenance, including pursuing temporary support orders during the divorce process.

Parent and Child Issues

We help divorcing and unmarried parents address the allocation of parental responsibilities (formerly known as child custody) and parenting time (formerly known as visitation). We will work with you to create a parenting plan that will provide for your children's best interests.

Child Support

All parents have the obligation to provide financial support to meet their children's needs. We can help you calculate child support according to the laws in Illinois, and we can also help you address additional child-related expenses, as well as college expenses and non-minor support.

Child Removal and Relocation

If a parent wishes to move with their child outside the state of Illinois or to a new home that is more than 25 miles away from their current home, they must receive approval from the court if the other parent does not agree to the relocation. We represent both moving and non-moving parents in child relocation cases.

Family Law

Parents, children, or other family members may need to address multiple different types of legal issues in family court. We can provide representation in a wide variety of situations, including assisting with the adoption of a child, establishing paternity, drafting surrogacy and reproductive rights agreements, or naming a person as the legal guardian of a minor child or disabled adult. We can also help couples create prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, assist with name changes for adults or minor children, or address issues related to juvenile law.

Domestic Violence

If you or a member of your family have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, we can help you obtain an order of protection to ensure that you will be safe from harm. We can also help you defend against an order of protection that has been issued based on false accusations of abuse.


If your family is being investigated by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, we can provide you with legal representation to protect your rights and avoid disruption to your family relationships. If a DCFS investigation results in an indicated finding of child abuse or neglect, we can help you appeal these findings.

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