How Much Does Divorce Cost in DuPage County?

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The choice to get a divorce is not an easy one, and studies have equated its effects to those that result from the loss of a loved one. There is so much uncertainty that comes with the process, including concerns about your children, your home, and your retirement assets. In addition to considering these various practical matters, you may also be concerned about the costs involved in the divorce process

At McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C., we believe in providing high-quality legal representation in divorce and family law cases while ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of the costs involved in their case. With over 100 years of combined experience, we know the legal issues and practical concerns that can affect a case, and we will work with you to address your needs and help you determine how to reach an outcome that protects your rights and your financial security.

Attorney's Fees and Other Divorce-Related Expenses

Every divorce case is unique, and at the outset, it is impossible to know exactly how much it will cost, which is why attorneys typically bill on hourly rates. However, when you work with us, we will fully explain our rates, the amount of work needed to address different types of concerns, and any issues that may result in additional expenses. We will provide you with legal counsel to help you achieve your goals, including conserving fees, and we will work to help you complete the divorce process as efficiently as possible.

As you work to complete your divorce, we will help you understand whether addressing certain issues may result in additional costs to you. For example, if financial advisors or other experts will be needed to review records related to a family business, appraise marital property, or help uncover hidden assets, we will fully explain the costs of working with these experts and help you determine how you and your spouse will divide these expenses. We can also help you understand any expenses or fees related to guardians ad litem or child custody evaluators appointed in your case.

Since divorce litigation can significantly increase the costs involved in ending your marriage, we will help you understand your best options for reaching a divorce settlement outside of the courtroom. Mediation or collaborative law can often help you complete the divorce process more quickly and easily, reducing the costs you may be required to pay while ensuring that you are satisfied with the decisions made.

The attorney you hire for your divorce can also significantly impact the likelihood of post-divorce expenses. A well-crafted divorce settlement can often prevent future filings if potential issues are anticipated and appropriately addressed in advance. 

Financial Support During the Divorce Process

If you earn less income than your spouse, have a serious health condition, or have chosen to stay at home to raise children rather than pursuing a career, you may be worried about your ability to pay for attorney's fees or other expenses related to your divorce, such as the costs of moving to a new home or ongoing rent and utility bills. While your divorce case is pending, you can petition for temporary relief and ask the court to issue temporary support orders that will help you meet your needs. 

In addition to helping you receive support from your spouse to address your financial needs, we can also help determine whether you can ask for your spouse to contribute toward your attorney's fees or other legal expenses. The court may award attorney's fees based on the financial resources available to both spouses and other factors involved in the case. If these requests are granted, the court may require your spouse to pay a specific dollar amount or a certain percentage of your total legal costs, or it may may order that the fees be paid from assets held in your spouse's individual name that you are denied access to.

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During your divorce, you deserve to have qualified and experienced legal representation. Our attorneys can help you understand the costs that may be involved in your case, and we will work with you to determine whether you can receive financial support from your spouse, including contribution to your legal fees. To learn more, contact us at 630-407-1200 to set up a free consultation. We serve clients in Wheaton, Glendale Heights, Warrenville, Naperville, Carol Stream, Winfield, Glen Ellyn, and throughout DuPage, Will, Kane, Cook, and Kendall Counties.

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