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The process of divorce can be complicated and difficult, even in situations where a couple may agree that ending their marriage is necessary. A divorce may involve a variety of complex issues related to property division and other financial concerns. For parents, child-related issues can be an especially important concern. Addressing and resolving the legal, financial, and practical issues involved in a divorce can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, spouses can get through this process successfully with the guidance of a skilled family law attorney. At McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C. our lawyers understand the concerns divorcing spouses face, and we provide invaluable support and legal representation, working to ensure that our clients can dissolve their marriages successfully.

Property Division and Other Complex Financial Issues

The division of property between spouses is one of the most important aspects of any divorce case. In Winfield or any other jurisdiction in Illinois, marital property is typically divided according to the principle of equitable distribution. Both spouses should be able to receive a fair, but not necessarily equal, share of the assets they have acquired during their marriage. However, there are a variety of complex financial concerns that can affect the property division process. Our attorneys can help navigate the complexities of property division by:

  • Assessing and valuing businesses: If one or both spouses own a business – either individually or jointly – conducting an accurate valuation is essential. We can work with financial experts to determine the value of business interests. When possible, we can help negotiate settlements that will allow a business owner to maintain ownership and control of a company that they have built and developed. If necessary, we can work to determine whether other arrangements may be made, such as selling a business or creating agreements that will allow for continued co-ownership of a business by ex-spouses.
  • Dividing retirement accounts including pensions: Determining how retirement benefits should be divided requires careful analysis. If the proper procedures are not followed, taxes or penalties may apply when funds in retirement accounts are withdrawn or transferred between spouses. Our attorneys can provide guidance on how to divide these assets, and we can assist in creating qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) to ensure that funds can be transferred correctly. We can also assist in calculations involving the growth of non-marital portions of retirement assets.
  • Protecting family wealth: Spouses who earn high incomes or have a high net worth may need to take steps to make sure their financial interests will be protected during the divorce process. Our skilled lawyers can determine which assets are considered marital property, and we can help our clients take steps to preserve assets that may be used to provide for family members' needs or passed down to future generations.

Child-Related Issues

When children are involved in a divorce, there are a variety of legal issues that must be addressed to ensure that their best interests will be protected. Our attorneys will advocate for solutions that will provide for children's needs going forward while maintaining important family relationships. We can help address issues such as:

  • Allocation of parental responsibilities: Formerly known as legal custody, the allocation of parental responsibilities determines how parents will share decision-making authority regarding major aspects of their children's lives, including healthcare, education, religious upbringing and extra-curricular activity participation. We can help parents establish parenting plans that promote stability and effective co-parenting for the emotional well-being of their children.
  • Parenting time/visitation: Determining the schedules for when children will live and spend time with each parent is another important issue to address during a divorce. Our skilled lawyers will work diligently to negotiate agreements that will promote healthy relationships between parents and ensure that they will be able to continue to play an important role in their children's lives.
  • Child support: Both parents will have an obligation to make sure their children will have the necessary financial support to address their daily needs. With our understanding of Illinois' child support laws and guidelines, we can make sure parents' financial obligations toward their children will be calculated correctly. In addition to monthly child support payments that will address children's basic needs, we can ensure that parents will be able to share other child-related expenses, including medical care, school expenses, extra-curricular activities, childcare and children's college expenses.

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